Posted on October 22, 2016 by Dana Bowman

This Pup's curiosity for life lights up my heart every time I see him exploring and intrigued by the world around him. I'm sure it will be no different and most likely even more intense when my dude + I watch our own human kids do the same. 

Mac's curiosity for even the simplest of things reminds my heart to take a timeout and notice whats become so monotonous and unnoticed for so long.

We go through life so fast - or maybe it’s just me - wanting, working and often times impatiently waiting for the next thing! To achieve the next goal but not enjoy the journey to get there. We just want to be there!

Having this little guy in our life has helped me slow down, at least a little bit, and see the beauty I’m passing up. You should have seen him when he first saw leaves fall from the trees! He would run after each one that he saw out of his peripheral vision as they float by him to meet the green grass.

He would run and chomp, run and chomp, RUN AND CHOMP! Quickly going from one to the next to make sure he caught them all.

Oh my gosh and the way he played in a pile of leaves for the first time!! He was so inthralled and so excited!! I found a semi-dense leaf pile along one of our family night walks and I had Mac stop to play in it and he ran all around me as I through the leaves up into the air! He was going crazy with excitement!

It was because he’s reminding me to slow down, that he’s new to this whole life thing and there’s a lot he doesn’t know - like jumping and playing in a pile of leaves - that can bring him so much joy even if just for a moment.

That will definitely be one of my most favorite and memorable moments with him. 

He’s teaching me again the beauty of play, a heightened awareness of my surroundings and to be further intrigued once again by the world around me. Even if it is just the wind blowing in our faces  ❤️