Posted on December 30, 2016 by Dana Bowman

Be honest with yourself right now, and I know it can be hard to do and super scary, are you excited about your life and your future or do you just feel, blah?

"Blah means something is missing from life. Chances are that you have done a good job convincing yourself that even if your life is underwhelming, it's quite comfortable, so what's the problem?

The problem is that you've bought your own propaganda. You're actively trying to convince yourself that it's okay to feel disappointed with yourself on a regular basis. You need to stop that now. Your life can be amazing. You can have what you desire. Feeling blah means you are stuck on a track in life and you've checked out." - Mel Robbins

When was the last time you were on your toes about something?! Excited about trying something new, fearing but determined to just freaking go for it and DO SOMETHING NEW?!?!

Somewhere along the way growing up, I took a lot of chances and constantly defied my feelings of fear and worrying about what people think. There are literally less than a handful of things in my life that I "backed out" of doing because of fear and you bet your knickers I remember each time.

I misplaced that mind-set during Nursing school but I got to re-learn that resilience right after. The thing is, I'm not okay with feeling "just okay." I tried it though! For like a week almost :)

When I was changing careers, in my first class towards my nursing degree I met a friend and she said, "Why don't you just stay in your job?! It sounds like you got a really good one."

"Because I don't want to." Is what I said and she was so shocked, you shoulda seen her face! I told her, "I want to be in community with others doing something health related and not at a desk all day." From her perspective I was throwing away a perfectly good career but to me of course, I saw it differently and went on about my way.

Fast forward, after I starting my nursing career I started questioning the direction of my business I thought I'd take a week and "just do life as is." As it was, being married and working my one Nursing job and trying that on.

It did NOT fit! Oh Lord, did it NOT fit!

I'm not a "fine" kinda gal and I bet you're not either! I like to keep life interesting and I like to be kept on my toes myself. That's where adventure happens! That's where creativity and inspiration reside. That's where forming friendships in Switzerland on a whim to study abroad will last a lifetime.

Remember "Blah means something is missing..." Blah = Mediocre and Mediocre = "just fine." You get to decide though! And at the end of your life do you want to look back and say that your life was, "just fine?"

My dear, check back in! Please, from a deep cry of my heart to yours, you ARE amazing! You CAN have what you really want! You're NOT asking too much and if you're settling, it's time to get back on your toes and get UN-STUCK!