Posted on December 09, 2016 by Dana Bowman

As I jetted off to be with my bestie, one of my flights was in this weather.

I'm not one that's afraid of flying even in yucky weather. But it got me thinking that there are a lot of people who are.

And then I though of how many people will never know the sounds of the jet revving up and the rush of takeoff or the anticipation of adventure waiting for them on the landing!

That there are people in this world that will never see the beauty of our world from an aerial view or meet a perfect stranger sitting next to them that just might change their life in the matter of a flight.

And if this one fear keeps some people from all of this beauty, what kind of land-locked fears are doing the same?

What kind of fears are people carrying around, sometimes unknowingly, that keep them so SO small?! That keeps them from expressing their heart and keeps them from living in their truest self?

Fears that are sometimes surface but sometimes so deep seeded that they never know what it's even like to find pure Joy in their lives.

I've been learning a lot about 'permission' and how most of us operate on permission-based decision making. My independent pants are firing even as I write that myself!

My first encounter that I can remember has been since I've been married and it came when I wanted to start my own business. I wasn't passing my boards so I first had to give myself permission to possibly pass up getting my RN license after 4+ years of tears, sweat, energy and effort that I would otherwise not get back, and start on a new adventure.

But this time was different. I had someone else that my decisions now impacted.

It's hard to navigate!! I've been on one heck of a journey just trying to find my independence in my marriage. I mean, my wagon has been officially hitched and before my husband, my longest relationship was 4 months my sophomore year of college.

So it's safe to say, this has been an ENTIRELY new idea in my life to navigate. You can imagine my independence pants totally having a meltdown!! Fighting like crazy - an enormous battle between, "I don't need a man!" and, "I don't want to put my family in a financially compromising situation." to, "I DO WHAT I WANT!!" And so on...

But ultimately I started to feel like I needed "permission" from my husband to do what my heart was being inspired to do and not in a loving partnership way, in a dictator, "I'm now married and can't do anything I want to do" kind of way.

You can also imagine the kind of growth opportunities I've been able to have because of this situation :)

I know, as independent as I am, for moments in my life I got sucked into this mindset and I won't be naive in thinking I won't have to cross this bridge again in my life - just maybe next time it'll be a whole lot quicker.

So if permission is what you need to chase your dreams, if permission is what will put your fears at bay - here it is, you got it!

Permission granted!

Go and be YOU! Create what you want to create unapologetically because really, you only need permission from yourself to create your dreams and live in the reality of Your Joy. ❤️