Posted on February 14, 2017 by Dana Bowman

First off, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! Second, I'm not just talking to couples!

When was the last time you acknowledged yourself for your accomplishments that have gotten you to RIGHT where you are, right now?!

No guilt, not even a, "but if I were only here..." and with no regrets about your journey.

It's a much needed practice I've been working to develop because it definitely hasn't been a part of my "routine" when it comes to chasing dreams. Usually I set a goal, do what I need to do to get it, get it or modify and go to the next. And very rarely am I actually present when I'm accomplishing the goal until recently.

"Go as fast as you can, but don't hurry" came across my path as I was reading and oh how it resonated!

I'm always in a rush! I can never have what I want quick enough because I always wanted it yesterday! Realizing that my relationship with time has played a much bigger role in how I go through life, experience life and even make my decisions, I've been working on take a step back in order to move forward.

What this has meant so far in the instances where I've been successful at doing so is that I feel more connected to my life! I experience where I am, who I'm with and what I'm doing fully. It's so crazy the joy that comes with it and yet how my mindset can so easily slip right back into the anxiousness of wanting something so bad and not having it or being it right at the very moment.

Because "yet" is always the key word here!

Because the desires of our hearts are there for a reason. They are there because they seek expression through you!

So in the spirit of recognition and being present, I mentioned in a post yesterday that I would match your "7-Awesome Things I've Done" share. Here's what came up :)

  1. Studied abroad in Europe for 4 months for my very first trip outside the US!
  2. Graduated with my Graphic Design degree
  3. Lived in Guatemala for a month studying Spanish - just because I wanted to
  4. Got to play collegiate soccer throughout my entire first degree
  5. Got a second degree in Nursing
  7. Played semi-professional soccer for a summer

I wrote down this as the first things that came to mind! Because they're always the first things that come to mind. I think back on my first experience through college as one of the best times of my life! But then I got to thinking... that's my list on repeat, I default back to that season of my life. What about the big things that have happened just in the last couple months / years?

  1. Regained + reignited belief in myself
  2. Surrounded myself with incredible high-vibe ambitious and driven women looking to really impact the world!
  3. Began making decisions that served me instead of out of guilt or for someone else's benefit.
  4. Started my own business without, literally, knowing anything! 
  5. Took my first travel assignment with my nursing career! A dream 6 years in the making! 
  6. Started betting on myself again and,
  7. Held on and fought for my marriage.

Needless to say I'm sure you can tell the difference between the two. Round two comes from a deeper more vulnerable place and even within those there is more to unpack. And all of that also comes from a more updated season in my life. It's great to think upon the awesome things we've done when we were younger or farther in the past but there's plenty to celebrate right now and in a more recent past.

Face it, you're awesome!!

So show yourself some love, give yourself a high-five, a pat on the back or a hug if that's what you need, for all you've gone through, all you're going through, and everything you've conquered to get right where you are!