Posted on October 22, 2016 by Dana Bowman

Reading was never really my thing. Well, when I was really young I would read Goosebumps + Choose Your Own Adventure books - those were my favorite! How fitting since I absolutely love scary movies, suspense, risk and I LIIIVVEE for adventure!

So many correlations and connections I can make but I digress and get back to the topic at hand.

As I got into middle school all the way through my 20’s, you could not catch me reading a book to save my life. My Mom almost had to ground me to get me to read! If it wasn’t a textbook I had to read for class or for an exam you wouldn’t find my nose in it.

I was my Mom’s “social butterfly” and I was interested in doing everything else that didn’t BUT reading.

Playing outside, being with friends, family gatherings, parties, train track  meet ups to get to my bestie’s house, watching our favorite movie reruns, painting nails, talking about boys, playing soccer, soaping fountains, sneaking out (#sorrynotsorrymom) - anything else!

It wasn’t until my life was turned upside down that I found a passion and desire for reading books that inspired me!

It started with my long list of things I used to do before nursing school - that I didn’t do at all for those two years - that I loved and found joy in doing.

Growth was at the top of the list. Although at the time that’s the only description I had. Personal growth, adventure growth, culture growth, spiritual growth, perspective growth… I felt like I had been shoved in a tightly taped box with only the tiny openings of the edges slowly letting oxygen creep in and it was just enough to keep my lungs minimally ventilated. 

Needless to say I found this love of reading and inspiration at just the perfect time!

Hearing stories and opinions of different life perspectives, reading about the extraordinary things that have come from ordinary people wanting to do incredible things in their lives and challenging my own preconceived beliefs.

My lungs inhale a deep richness of oxygen-filled relief and release every time I get to experience what life is like through someone else’s eyes, it’s an incredible inspiration to me!

So get yourself some PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT books, find what topic interest you most! Challenge your perspective, your beliefs and your mindset.

Grow my little caterpillar, gggrrroooww!