Hey 2016... Thank You <3

Posted on December 31, 2016 by Dana Bowman

How many of your dreams came true in 2016?! Or did you even give yourself permission to do so this year, to dream?

As this year is making it's way in the history books and will be over in a matter of hours, my first thoughts leading up to the closing of 2016 were, "FINALLY! This year is O.V.E.R! It's about freaking time! I'm just ready to move on from everything that happened!"

Then I started to think a little deeper and what surfaced was a peaceful, joy-filled and namaste, "Thank You".

I could look back on my 2016 and say that's it been a whole FULL year of stop-and-go-then-nothing decisions. Basically waiting to make a decision because "something else" might be happening - and then that something else didn't happen so I was left without either, not only in my life but in my marriage.

Which is what I've actually been doing anyway but I've realized how much of a distraction it's been from all the beauty that's entered my life in 2016!

I got to learn more about my heart and what I want in my life. I got multiple opportunities to strengthen my marriage through a testing year, I got to release a lot of self-inflicted guilt by figuring out where it all came from, I got to reclaim my life, my decisions and started taking immense action that has changed my life!

I got to see how I fit in this new life I've chosen and I've formed incredible friendships with amazing women who constantly inspire me BECAUSE I started taking action towards my dreams! I got to go on one of the most amazing and beautiful trips to Utah that I'll never forget with an amazing couple in our lives that is only the beginning of the "Bowmore Adventures!"

I got to learn more of what it was to be a wife and love my husband.

I got to put myself in incredibly uncomfortable situations because I know that's where growth happens because I decided staying stuck was taking up way too much of my energy!

I think most of all, I got to get back to me. I got to get back to living my life by the inspiration of my desires! I got to define what that meant to me and no longer let indecision or fear hold me back. And I couldn't have done that without all the frustrations, struggles, trials, questioning and failed attempts.

So for all of those, THANK YOU 2016 for giving me what I needed this year to find my footing once again!

If you're also one of those that are so thankful 2016 is over because it's sucked so bad, I invite you to take a moment and recognize what you've been able to learn and how you've been able to grow from that same suck. To see the beauty that's rising from the ashes of what seemed to fall apart and remember that every day is a new day! A new day to take a look at your life and decide if it's everything you thought it would be or if it isn't and that you're ready to stop saying your "fine" and do something about it!

Dream it, my beautiful butterfly, whatever it may be for you & go for it!

<3 <3 <3 With all my love as we head into 2017! <3 <3 <3