Posted on January 27, 2017 by Dana Bowman

When was the last time you took a step back and looked at everything you HAVE accomplished? Celebrated it?!

I know my practice of doing so is sparse.

Last night I was doing some work with that amazing women's coaching program I've been telling you guys about. You know, the one full of INCREDIBLE women from all around the world jumping into a life that's bigger than their dreams and building their own businesses!! 

I was at a section that asked us to tell our story. Talk about what our experience was during a certain season of our lives, describe our thoughts, emotions, anything goes. I found out I have a thing for planes! 

Almost every story for the first paragraphs involved a plane. Whether it was flying to Europe to study abroad for my first time ever outside of the US, hoping on a plane to Guatemala because a friend told me she went there to study Spanish and I thought that was cool, to witnessing a nurse from a medical missions group on a flight home take control of a situation with a passenger that was fainting, put in an IV and fluids and help get her back to normal.

And that's just to start! I can think of so many more plane stories of amazing people I've met with incredible stories and incredible insight!

The thing is, I'm often striving for something without taking a time out to really ACKNOWLEDGE all that I've accomplished!

I mean just recently is a perfect example. I've been getting all in a tizzy because I want to be in a certain spot in my coaching program with those awesome ladies and I'm "behind" (which I'm switching that mentality to "I'm in MY own perfect time") with the work but, UH HELLLLOOO!!!! I just moved across the freaking state just TWO weeks ago! I DID THAT!

I got my license, I got an interview and rocked it, I found my own housing that allowed me to bring Mac, I organized all the paperwork and appointments and stayed on top of the communication, made copies for my records in case anything went wonky, I planned all of our stops along the way and booked all our hotels, I was SUPER flexible when just a few days before I was supposed to start I needed another test and more paperwork done before I could go in on Monday!

Yeah, I freaking did that!! I'm definitely patting myself on the back, giving myself props and high-vibe high-fives and I'm CELEBRATING!!

Today, CELEBRATE!!! Celebrate how far you've come and where you are RIGHT now in this season of your life. Even if it's not what you want right now, you've had to do a hellofalotta work to get to this point.

Celebrate you today! <3