Posted on December 29, 2016 by Dana Bowman

How many of my Type-A peeps are hootin' and hollerin', fist pumping and giving high-fives about getting it right?!

I'm a semi-recovering Type-Aer. Let me explain...

I've always loved organization and planning - um, duh! And I've always loved "doing the right thing" when I was growing up. More likely because I saw other people's consequences for their actions and I decided it wasn't for me. Although, let's be real, I did lie to my Mom once or twice and snuck out of the house the same too. #SorryNotSorry Mom! 

Sometimes I wish I would have gotten into a little bit more trouble but I don't like to wish change for my life because who knows what butterfly effect would have taken place and I'd be a totally different person!

Getting to the point : there's a difference between being organized in your life and with your dreams and when it goes too far turning into paralysis + debilitation.

Nursing school (again, I know, but I learned a lot about myself in this season!) was where my love for organization and "doing the right thing" inflamed and turned into a severely narrow minded perspective on my life that failure was bad, mistakes CANNOT be made, you were only "as good" as your last test score, and you have to sacrifice everything else for this.

Don't get me wrong, nursing school definitely requires not only a lot of attention but a dedicated heart as well. However, it DOESN'T require that you lose all belief in yourself because you don't take tests well, that you do nothing else but study, and become a hermit because at any moment you could fail and that would be it - done-zo.

When your Type-A personality takes over like that, you leave no room for creativity, inspiration, growth, connection and even your own learning, whether in the class room or in life! We can get so caught up in wanting all A's and getting every question right when we're asked on the spot, ALWAYS making the "right" decision / fearing not doing so - so much so that it can actually turn our eager hearts silenced, paralyzed, and void of action.

If there's one thing I've been able to re-learn after nursing school, it's NOT, I repeat, NOT about getting it right! 

It's about updating your preferences as your life goes on, it's about wonder and thinking about why you're doing what you're doing and becoming creatively curious about your life, who you are in it, if the way that it is still fits (because it's okay to change your mind and do something new! Thanks Mom!) while being present in your current space and simultaneously being whimsically curious about your future!

Life is meant for exploration, creativity and following your inspiration wave wherever it's taking you in THIS season! To "have it all figured out" and always focus on "getting it right" leaves life stale and void of adventure! It leaves absolutely no room for you to discover yourself and the world around you, to make mistakes and see failure as a gift, or create new memories and connections that are the story of your life.

Curiosity leads you to your inspiration waves - go ride 'em!!!