Posted on January 31, 2017 by Dana Bowman

Ok party people, here's the skinny! I figured out something monumental for me last week and I'm bringing it to ya!

My big life goal, my whole life agenda is to live out my:

More Than Mediocre!  

To live my life creatively and with a sense of curiosity that enables me to experience all corners of this world - this life!

Tradition absolutely does not fit me and it's been through a series of seasons lately that I've returned to relearn what my Mom taught me all those years ago. That I GET to be me! That there's nothing wrong with me or what I want. That I'm really not asking too much and that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to.

That I GET to live my life however I want and for me, that's MORE THAN MEDIOCRE!!

That I'm NOT tied to some standard or our cultures "traditions" or the traditional opinions and mindsets of other people. 

And I want to be surround by amazing people who see life differently, have varied perspectives and decide that they're focused on being creative with their solutions to get, gain, and experience their, MTM : More Than Mediocre!

That's where this ship is sailing! There's so much more to come, more than I can even imagine right now myself but if you're one of those that knows that tradition doesn't fit and that you were meant for SO.MUCH.MORE, you're right where you need to be :) <3

Can't wait for this new found clarity to permeate and light up every part of my life and with high hopes, I hope it makes its way to yours! I'm so looking forward to the day you fully come alive!

Love and gratitude for you <3 
Dana xx