Posted on February 22, 2017 by Dana Bowman

You know those pack and play things that parents carry around to put their kid in when they go places? I'm not a parent yet but I've seen them, you know what I'm talking about!

What would our lives look like and how would we show up in the world if no matter where we went we were present?

If we weren't distracted by our phones and what people liked or didn't like on social media, or our never ending to do list and what we have going on right after where we are, or the dinner we have to cook that's not even for another five hours.

What if we were present and experiencing everything around us in every moment?

Whether it's in the beauty of the cotton candy clouds peeking over the California mountains in the sunrise on the way to work, the sounds of the birds chirping in the morning or that delicious smell of your first cup of coffee.

What's been a doozy for me is just driving the speed limit! Always squeezing to the last minute rushing no matter where I'm going. That's one of the experiments I've been doing to try and help me be present. And let me tell ya, especially while I'm in California I go 80 on the daily! It's so easy here so it's been a challenge for this lead foot, #dontTellJavi.

But I'm working on it :)

Because what it does is it keeps me from rushing. It keeps me from waiting 10 more minutes to actually leave for work so that I have to go 80 just to get there on time. It helps me take a big deep breath and know that this is the space I'm in, there's nothing I can do about it now, I'm on the way and I'll get there when I get there.

It's so funny because it's the times when I'm fully present in what I'm doing that I have the best memories and feel the most connected to my life!!

And yet I find myself reverting back to a perpetual chase with no rewards along the way and no end in sight.

I say it like that because I rarely take time in the middle or even at the end of accomplishment to actually acknowledge them. I always seem to be focused on being where I'm not and then when I get where I thought, it's not where I want to be.

Take California for example!

I came out here on my first ever travel nursing assignment! And that's awesome! The patient population is great, me and Mac are exploring all that we can, the girls I work with are amazing, and they've been trying everything to get me to stay!

Those cotton candy clouds though…

Ok Back on track! I had all these grand ideas these big expectations for everything I would accomplish while I'm here. And instead! I find myself rushing, making excuses, and thinking that a different environment is what I need to make my dreams happen so my heart's rushing through this experience to get to the next.

What the monkey?!

Literally a dream of mine is happening, RIGHT NOW!!! This is what blows my mind, that my default has become so consumed with doing the next thing that I am completely missing out on the joy of right where I am.You saw me chat about a few things regarding presence before but today seems to be more piercing.

I get to live one of my dreams today, today!

And if I rush it, I'll miss it. So I'm gonna stay in it although I miss my dude like crazy and wish he was here. I'll be soaking up every patients love story about how they 'accidentally' met their forever person, every cotton candy mountain sunrise on my way to work, and the joy I get to have in my life by laughing, playing, and being present along the way - right where I am - in the middle of my dreams while in the pursuit of another.

May your day resemble a dream you once dreamt or a new one you're creating! May you be able to take your Pack-N-Play presence with you, for today <3

Dana xx