Posted on February 13, 2017 by Dana Bowman


The hustle and the bustle of life and pursuit of our dreams can really become something that takes over completely, or is that just me?!

I forget to take timeouts and put my health first. My personal self-care finds its way to the bottom of the list of other things I find to stack on my plate. And it's on those days of overwhelm when I'm invited to check back in.

Something that's been really awesome to learn is just to recognize what I need, guilt free, and get it, do it, experience it or simply take it off my plate.

I was on a coaching call and this was what came up, "Recognize what you need. So if you need an extra few minutes in the morning and you don't quite get everything in like you wanted to, it's okay. It's about recognizing what you need. You know when you're slacking."

The other morning I had a huge list of to-do's and I scratched it for the morning and took Mac to the beach! There's an off leash dog beach that we heard about and instead of being tied to a list of "shoulds," I recognized what I needed and that was a day at the beach with my pup!

Also last week I freaking wanted some Doritos! The Cool ranch kind because those are my fav, so I got some :) And they were awesome! 

Another example IS adjusting my mornings periodically based on what I need and not on an itemized schedule to follow. Giving ourselves the space and grace to both acknowledge what we have and ARE accomplishing while being present in our current life season - right where we are, for today - is what allows us to be the most connected, present, and successful.

It's okay to WANT! I want all the time!

Give yourself the permission to recognize what you need and do it, or don't in some cases!

Show yourself some love by acknowledging ALL you've accomplished to-date and do what puts your heart in a place of ease and connection.

Get out a piece of paper and jot down 7 things you've accomplished in your life up until now! I'll hold myself to it too and do it with you + post later! 

Get yourself some FREAKING DORITOS! Whatever form that may take. And don't feel bad about it!! Whether it's getting a massage, getting your nails done, booking an impromptu flight to see your best friend, going for a hike instead of going to the store, or getting your favorite doughnut at the best donut shop in town!

Life isn't meant to be restrictive, it's meant to be open, expansive and ENJOYED!!

I'm not saying eat doughnuts or Doritos every day because let's be real, that's not good for your body (or your butt) but it's still a little something in life to be enjoyed :)

Enjoy today, right where you and for all it has to offer!