Posted on January 30, 2017 by Dana Bowman

Have you ever eaten Ricotta Cheese and Blueberries on Crispbreads?!?!

If you haven't, you should try it! Soooo delicious! I found this recipe in that book I bought when I brought nothing as far as recipes or cookbooks to California.

I had a moment of clarity the other night about who it is that I want to serve in my business moving forward - I'll share that later this week! As I was making myself a spread with ricotta cheese + blueberries I thought, if I wasn't inspired by this cookbook or if no one ever showed me this combination of food then I would totally be missing out on all this deliciousness! 

Because let's be real, the kitchen HASN'T really been a place of creativity for me. So some like me would have never know because we like to consume the food more than create it ourselves.

I was inspired by the cookbook, someone else's work, to try something I've never tried before and I loved it!

Yes, there has been several times I've tried something new and definitely didn't like it. Like spit it out right after I tasted it, didn't like it! Javi loves when I do that! Not really, his eyes get real big and his lips purse up and he says through the tightness of his lips, "You better not spit that out." I get it, it happened a time or two right in the presence of the people that made the thing I ate... my bad! My inner 5-year old still comes out at times :) 

One of my favorite things in life is to be inspired by others!

I lived in Guatemala because I was inspired by a friend who did it. I can attribute the jumpstart of my love for soccer to a boy I liked in 8th grade that played :) I went skiing for the first time ever in my life in Switzerland because my school had a "day out to the slopes" event and well, you can't go to Switzerland and NOT ski!

I've been inspired CONSTANTLY over the last 3 months by these amazing women from all around the world taking a stand in their own lives to go after their dreams! And it feels like we've been together for so much longer.

I've been inspired by my Mom my entire life. She taught me to be my own person and to never settle. She taught me that I am strong and courageous. She never said I couldn't do something instead she always, with an excited and curious heart, asked me what I could do to make it happen! We would brainstorm and she would support me whether or not she new what the outcome would be.

She taught me the resilience I needed to pursue each of my dreams to their fruition. 

She taught me that life doesn't look just one way, that I can follow my heart and it would all work out. There were a few things along the way that she would dig a little deeper with her questions and looking back I'm so glad she did. There are times she knows me better than I know myself.

I count myself considerably lucky to have a Mom that always encouraged me to TRY! Who decided she would teach me to figure out how to make what I want happen, to come up with creative solutions, instead of meeting me with resistance, questioning or any doubts whether I could make it possible. 

I know that's not always the case for everyone so if you got someone in your life that is your biggest cheerleader and will stand by you in the discovery process, celebrate when it works out and offer a shoulder when it doesn't - love 'em real hard today!

So then here we are, with Ricotta Cheese and Blueberries heading into today with the intense desire to be inspired by the people and opportunities that present themselves in my life so I can live MY dream life! And so I get to figure out what that means to me and inspire YOU along the way to do the same!

Do something that inspires you today.

Chat with a friend, read a book, do a little journalling, go for a run, go on a hike, or buy that shirt you've been eyeing that just lights you up every time you see it!

Fill your life with that which inspires, excites you, and makes you come alive!

And if you're not sure what that is exactly, you get the privilege to try anything you want to find out <3