Posted on December 10, 2016 by Dana Bowman

How many times have you censored yourself because you were afraid of someone's reaction? How many times have you played small so you wouldn't rub against the grain of people who just DON'T GET IT!?! 

They don't get what you're doing or they misinterpret your creativity.

I'm with you! I have a few judgmental people in my life that are very traditionally minded, I'm not sure they'll ever understand the adventure of creativity or living a creative life. But it's not my job to live my life through the way they see the world.

I'll speak about creativity more later, for now I wanted to clarify creativity really quick. Creativity doesn't just include a drawing, a painting or performing in a play. We are all creators, most notable and currently for, our own lives!

Every decision we make is a creation of something, we are creating and shaping our lives every single day we wake up!

Here's the thing. I'm focused on living a creative life. No, I'm MORE than focused, I'm passionately advocating beyond apprehension that my life be as ABSOLUTELY COLORFUL as possible! And I get to watch inspiration grace me with it's presence and unfold before me & I get to express my creativity however I see fit!

I get to climb a mountain with my dude if I want to, go on a whim flight to see my best friend, find puppy treat recipes to make at home, or cross-stitch beautiful images with bad words while sipping on some Zing-Zang!!

I'm reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert for the second time and I'm continually inspired! Here's where today's inspiration is coming from:

"... the reaction doesn't belong to you..."
"If people enjoy what you've created, terrific. If people ignore what you've created, too bad. If people misunderstand what you've created, don't sweat it. And what if people absolutely hate what you've created? What if people attack you with savage vitriol, and insult your intelligence, and malign your motives, and drag your good name through the mud?

Just smile sweetly and suggest --- as politely as you possibly can --- that they go make their own fucking art.

Then stubbornly continue making yours."

Other people's reaction to what you're doing with your life or how you're expressing your creativity is absolutely not a reflection of you but a reaction of how THEY see the world. The reaction doesn't belong to you.

And it sure-as-schnitzel is NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to manage!

It is, however, your responsibility for YOU to come alive and live in your truest form! Let creativity be a life-long journey, wonder, and adventure for you with whimsical anticipation that something so magical is always waiting for you around every corner <3