Posted on January 10, 2017 by Dana Bowman

(not my photo, yet ;)! )

I don't really play the, "what if" game because it can spiral you into a black hole of fear and inaction, if you let it. However, there is another way to play, if you must.

What if you just go for it?! Your dreams, your goals? What if you stopped thinking about them and started doing?! What if you practiced for a day? Think about it! Would you feel embarrassed, humiliated, "wrong," or frustrated?

Ok, say you do. Then what? Seriously, then what? Then... the moment passes and everyone that you thought was starring at you is now onto the next thing or thinking about what the heck they're going to make for dinner? Or what about this! You leeaaarrrnnn something about yourself?! When we do something new, those feelings are absolutely normal but it's all how YOU respond.

When was the last time you bet on yourself?

(not my photo, yet ;)! )

In less than 24 hours Me, my Dude, and my Pup will be on the road to California and I'll be there for 3.5 months! 

That's right, I'm headed outta the Midwest for winter! I got my first Travel Nursing assignment, something I've always wanted to do with my career - it just happens to be in California and I'm going for it!

Will I miss Javi for 3.5 months? Uh, DUH! No doubt it'll be something fierce <3 Will I be headed to a place where I know absolutely no one not only socially but in my professional life as well? Yup.

Am I stoked? Yup!

Traveling is such a huge teacher and I'm excited for what I'll learn about myself as I travel for the first time in this life rhythm, married, for my career, with a pup and only the limits of my creativity for how I can explore this place!

Travel Nursing was one of the perks that drew me to the profession and I'm excited to finally get to experience it! I told Javi, I'm open to hating it and I'm open to loving it! 

Either way, I'm not one to take long making decisions. Last year I got to experience what that was like for pretty much the first time in my life and I'll take a, "hard pass, hard pass" from now on. 

The thing is, when you engage with what inspires your heart you not only learn A TON about yourself but you get to be creative! You get to be curious, you get to gain clarity and you get to be courageous! 

Coincidently, Creative : Curious : Clear : and Courageous are my chosen words and desired feelings for this new year! Words that I discovered represent who I am when I am at my best, at my happiest and most fulfilled in life! (more on this later)

My point? You GET to stop thinking about all the cool stuff you want to do, the goals you have, the resolutions you picked and just go for it!! 

I get it, I still have excuses too that pop up when I'm chasing after my dreams, you're not alone. BUT you DO get to decide if those excuses will run your life and ultimately keep you from doing anything, literally, anything. 

You GET to decide to see those excuses in a different way. To see them as resistance to what you want when they show up and use them as fuel to push you through and forward.

Again, the choice is yours, it always is. And today's the day to start! Take just one day at a time, give it a try just for today and see what happens?

Why not start on this beautiful Tuesday?! The power is yours and your dreams are waiting!