Posted on November 04, 2016 by Dana Bowman

What really gets your juices flowing to accomplish your goals, to live out your big dreams, to keep you going on those days where all you want to do is give up?

Everyone has those days including me! The difference is if you'll let those tough I-wanna-chuck-it-all-away kind of days be a learning process or defeat you.

Some people get real jazzed and energized with quotes and sayings. Some people need to be more visually influenced to maintain their motivation - like seeing their vision board or seeing their "before" photo remembering that all the hard work, failures and mistakes are worth it and for the bigger picture!

I'm a sayings and quote kinda gal - if you couldn't tell already :) 

I also need visual reminders of my bigger picture. It seems silly to think we can "forget" about our big dreams but it does happen. Just like we "forget" to make time for the things that really make us happy whether it's actually getting your butt to the gym - you know you always feel awesome after - or spending time with your girlfriends!

Life happens and everyone is flying at different speeds all chasing their dreams. But even in the midst of our chase it's imperative that we continue to center ourselves to why we're doing what we're doing in the first place. To connect back to your Vision + your Why's, to remember the purpose for those big goals and the tiny steps you take each day to get there. 

That they WILL get you there.

Help yourself stay successful! Re-center yourself with your big picture and take action to keep yourself motivated whatever way that manifests!

If you're not sure what motivates you, try a few things! Try posting sticky notes around your room or bathroom mirror. Dress up your planner with some encouraging quotes and decorative washi tape. Make a printable version of your vision board that you can take everywhere you go! 

Cheers to locking into all that we want from life and not letting up. Girl, you got this!