Posted on October 28, 2016 by Dana Bowman

Or maybe a better question I want to ask is, when did you stop believing that your dreams were possible for you?!

We get asked that question when we're little, you know the one I'm talking about,

'What do you want to be when you grow up?!'

When we're asked that question we're also lead to believe that anything is possible - and rightfully so! That we can chose and be ANYTHING!

Do you remember how you answered?!?!

More importantly, do you remember how you felt when you were asked and you so proudly responded with firefighter, singer, professional athlete, doctor, astronaut, hair lady or animal takercarer...??

I don't quite remember what specifically I said I wanted to be (I should ask my Mom if she remembers!) but what I do remember is feeling like I could literally do anything!

I remember the confidence that whatever I did decide I wanted to do that I could - without a shadow of a doubt - do it, be it, accomplish it - that it would come with hard work and effort was never a question. 

I had an unwavering belief that I could be whatever I chose and that I could change my mind and be awesome at that too! 

I had a, 'the world is my oyster' kind of mindset and I had the patience of adventure to watch it unfold before me. I'd think of something or be inspired by something or someone and go for it! I would succeed or fail or be guided somewhere else but nonetheless I jumped on that inspiration and tried - and that's really all that mattered to me :)

That's still really all that matters to me.

I also don't ever remember being a person who wanted my whole life planned out - the actual thought of that even as I sit here gets my heart racing with a sickening anxiety!!

I DON'T want to know what's behind the corner of my life but I also never wanted to wait - I actually never really waited...

Would I get impatient / still get impatient wanting what I want, like, yesterday!? Of course but waiting was what was the difference.

I'd be inspired, then I would immediately take action to go down that road. Whether that road would lead me straight there or veer off into a different path, I was flexible!

I had a guy friend in 8th grade (that I had a crush on, let's be real) and he played soccer so I wanted to play! Although I would say I started to play because my cousin played - not true, I was trying to cover my 'boy crush' tracks!

Anyway, I stepped foot on a soccer field for the first time the summer before my Freshmen year of high school and I wouldn't know until years later that his inspiration would awaken a new personal love for the sport and lead me to a soccer athletic scholarship all throughout college (of my first degree).

I also wouldn't know that a semester study abroad experience in Europe - of which would ignite an even deeper adventurous and curious heart to live a creative life - would be inspired by a quick passing glance of a open course catalog that happened to be on a page where the only thing I would see was, 'STUDY ABROAD' in a 10pt bold black futura text.

I still don't even know to his day how I saw that small font, those words only, walking by so fast racing to my next class.

Or that having a casual conversation with one of my girlfriends in the middle of a summer group hangout sesh would inspire me to live with a family in Guatemala for a whole month during my last college Christmas break taking classes to learn Spanish and submerging myself in the culture!

But I do know when I stopped believing in my dreams. 

It was on the first day of nursing school, then again when I didn't pass my boards the first time, then again when I felt trapped + choked in a life I chose - to be married.

I stopped allowing myself to be inspired and I was fixated on my downfalls.

Not to mention the guilt... so.much.guilt... I didn't know how to be me and be married! I believed it was possible but the struggles of such over the early years of our marriage would greatly challenge those beliefs. I felt lost and cast aside, I felt alone and pressured to accept mediocre (in my mind) as my only option.

It takes a lot of work, at least it has for me, to figure this out - holy guacamole!

To figure out what was REALLY going on in my heart and get to the deeper deposit, the deeper root. It's still a daily discovery but through it all I've found my footing again! I've reclaimed my trust, my belief and GDit my inspiration!

I'm a spontaneous risk-taker and I've been at bay for wwwwaaayyyy too long!

I'm getting back my unwavering confidence that I had when I was little - that the world IS my oyster and that I can indeed be and do anything I want! That I CAN CHANGE MY FREAKING MIND and live a creative life, a life full of what my heart desires the most!

The good news is that we all can! 

Trust me when I tell you that a rediscovery of what you truly want and a path to get back to that child-like belief in yourself and the world around you, it is so incredibly worth your time-out in the middle of whatever you're doing, worth your energy and worth your attention!

We are all created with an impeccable combination of unique gifts that no one else has! Dude, seriously!

What you do in this world, no one else can do like you. 

Because, 'Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.' - Dr. Seuss

Revive your truth that anything is possible and start believing in your dreams again! ❤️🌟