Posted on October 14, 2016 by Dana Bowman

Would I rather be chasing sunsets and conquering incredible mountain hikes today with my dude? Yes.


Why? Because I absolutely thirst for adventure, long to see the beauty of this world and ache with a need for change, constantly.

Consistent change is the name of my game!

But I'm showing up anyway to work today because there's still beauty to be found, adventure to be had and the unknown lurking around every corner. I do work in a hospital where anything could happen at any given moment!

It’s tough when your heart aches to be somewhere else - trust me if anybody’s going to get that, it’s me!

What I want you to know is that you’ll get there! You will!! I will too! I’ll get to where my heart longs to be and I’m trusting that the puzzle pieces are moving in my favor as we speak.

This was a beautiful trip my hubs and I took with some awesome friends and this hike was my favorite! The journey there - the sun, the little tiny piles of snow we climbed up some rocks to get to! The little squirrel that tried to come eat lunch with us - okay, the little squirrel I TRIED to have come eat lunch with us!

The beautiful blue-turquoise water, rock sunbathing, whistling trees and waving leaves, the soothing flow of little waterfalls we found along the way, the new bookends we would have as memorabilia and the chats both up and down the mountain.

Yes, that’s a place my heart would rather be.

But I can’t be where I need to be right now wishing I was somewhere else or I will miss out on what the day has to offer, right where I am. And so will you.

So today, wherever you are, find what your heart desires and how you can make that happen right where you are. Just know - it may look a little different 😊❤️