Posted on January 03, 2017 by Dana Bowman

Do you know what you want, what you really REALLY want?!

I know you're singing the song in your head right now! It's ok, me too, that's why we're friends!

Ok, seriously though I'll ask you again and I want you to timeout and take a sec, do you know what you really want for your 2017?

I'm asking because all too often we don't give ourselves permission to want what we actually really want. We've also either become incredibly vague about what that is that we want or we've taken on living someone else's definition of what our lives should look like.

Last summer I took a timeout. I was just one year into my nursing practice still feeling like I was missing something - it wasn't quite what I thought it would be and I was battling with building my business.

Vocabulary and language have energy and are very powerful to me so I'm learning and have been more attentive and intentional with what I use. So, I say "battling" because that's exactly what it felt like. My business felt more like an obligation than coming from love, where it started. It felt more like I was becoming someone I didn't want to be and I was meet with more internal resistance than external.

And still I was wondering, "why isn't any of this like I thought it would be?!"

So I took a much needed timeout to figure it out. What I had thought for my life was not where I was and I wondered if what I thought even fit me anymore. I felt like I was living someone else's life, trapped, suffocated in one I knew I chose but one I had no idea how to navigate.

"Vauge goals leads to vauge results." - Robin Sharma

Taking a timeout is where it started to all turn around for me! I got to just sit and be and think and assess!! I got to decide what I wanted and went through a practicing process of what that looked like to me

Not to anyone else - to me.

I got to dig a little deeper and be HONEST about what I want and find out what that looks like to me while working through the apparent guilt I had associated with simply "wanting". And I'll be clear, there's still some honesty I get to work through.

But here's my point! We get so wrapped up in life's demands and expectations of others that we don't take time to figure out what WE want! We're "too busy," "have kids," "in a good enough job..."

The excuses list could go on.

But those excuses seem to be some sort of comfort blanket, don't you think? Allowing you "off the hook" from really being honest with yourself about where you are in your life - good or bad - and that it's not quite what you thought it would.

For this 2017 I invite you to take a timeout of your own!! Take a deep breath with where you are and what you've accomplished, you've done some amazing things! Acknowledge yourself and give yourself permission to what something else, want something new or just something different.

Follow that curiosity wherever it might lead you <3