Posted on November 07, 2016 by Dana Bowman

About to conquer another year in my thirties and my Mom and I STILL have our in-store fashion show moments!! 

My Mom is so fun and I'm glad she's mine!

More and more over the years I'm so impressed with the bravery of this woman. Of which I've continued to notice just how much her bravery has influenced mine.

It's been her encouragement that life doesn't have to be all about getting a job, finding a dude and having babies and that's it.

When I told her I wanted to study abroad in Switzerland when I was 22 she said, 'That sounds cool! How can you make that happen?'

When I made it to Switzerland I ended up being placed in an apartment in the city instead of in the dorms on campus and I was dropped off with only a hand gesture for where to take the train and how to even get to the school. P.s. This was my first travel experience out of the country and I went by myself! I had no computer or phone access at my apartment and all I had was a business card of the school I was attending.

I remember as soon as I was able to buy minutes and find a phone to call my Mom I told her I wanted to come home.

She said, 'Sissy, you know we support you with any decision you want to make and would welcome you back with open arms. But until then I want you to get out your Eurail book right now and plan your first trip.'

I planned my first trip and stayed for the 4 months! I met INCREDIBLE people, have TONS of stories and left with one of my most TREASURED life experiences to-date.

My Mom's bravery made me brave.

Over the past few months I've learned that I've been leaning on her bravery + belief in me more than on my own. But the first step is awareness, right?! :) We can't learn everything all at once!

But since finding that out I've been able to continue building back the bravery and belief I somehow misplaced during my nursing school years.

So today, know you ARE brave!

And that doesn't just mean climbing Mount Everest 'brave.' It means being brave in your life right where you are with what you want for your life. It means saying 'No' to something you would otherwise say 'Yes' to just because you feel guilty. 

It means being brave and taking a stand for your dreams even when those closest to you absolutely don't "get it." Know this truth - they don't have to!