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One year ago today I passed my boards to finally become a Registered Nurse! Some of you may think, cool, congrats that's awesome but what's the big deal?

The big deal is that it took a lot of fighting through tears, fears, disappointment, insecurities, questioning, monstrous amounts of self-doubt, and the amazing people in my life CARRYING me through that process to make it. I had never had to fight so hard psychologically, mentally, and emotionally for something in my life and it didn't come without it's MANY chances to call it quits.

Trust me, MANY chances to just chuck away 4.5 years of hard work, late study nights, early morning exams, days-weeks without seeing my family and friends and most of all the many sacrifices my husband included made to make this dream come true.

The "normal" progression: Go to college --> pass classes --> graduate --> take boards = Boom, RN. In that order and one right after the other without much time in between.

That's not my story.

On this day especially, I am FOREVER thankful and grateful for the many people in my life who supported me, encouraged me, were in my corner, and kept me going when my mindset of being an incredible nurse was wrapped around how well I did on an exam.

How silly, right?!
As I reflect today I'm reminded of everything and everyone it took to get me to this victory, to where I am in this time and space in my life. I'm reminded of everything I went through and everything I overcame to make this a reality.

To my dear sweet husband!
I can never fully express in words how much your love, patience, and encouragement got me up from crying in fetal position on the kitchen floor to claiming my victory in that testing room on March 3rd, 2015.

To my Mom & family! Thank you for keeping my head up! Thank you for ALWAYS being an incredible support team and raising me to believe I can do anything I put my mind to.

To my friends! Thank you for hugs, love, prayers, parties, and drinks to cope, encourage, and celebrate the hard times along with the victories.

So often in life we're faced with a choice to either give up OR keep going, no matter how long the battle may be.

From my heart to yours, keep going! You WILL make it! You CAN do it! Whatever battle you're fighting, you will make it through and you WILL BE stronger on the other side.

You WILL BE changed by your experience and it WILL be a victory in your story.

If ever there was a time for you to fight, now is your time. Fight for the victory that will be yours.



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