Importance of Perseverance

Posted on March 26, 2016 by Dana Bowman | 0 comments

Happy Day everyone! Just a heads up, I'm working on some cool things to better support you through your adventures.

One thing has come up as I'm going through mine, the importance of perseverance. Even if we're chasing after a goal we know our hearts really want, it still requires, effort, discipline, and of course perseverance.

The road to success with any goal is not always pretty. It's rough, challenging, and can be downright ugly. We romanticize the goal because we think it will be awesome to achieve it but rarely do we look at what it will actually take.

Grit. Commitment. Consistency. Change.

A natural tendency may be to run, hide, and take cover. But let me tell you, FIGHT THAT URGE! We all have it, you're not the only one that wants to run back to comfort. But comfort is NOT where cool stuff happens!

I studied abroad in Switzerland for 4 months during my first round of college and would not trade that for the world! I was able to travel to so many places including Venice, experiences so many different cultures, and see the incredible beauty that's within our world.

I went completely by myself, as in didn't even know one person going to my school or living in Europe.

Perseverance is what got me through the obstacles of making that dream a reality. That journey was no exception to having things go wrong. In fact, there were so many things that went wrong in combination that it actually made the whole experience so much richer.

Whether it was taking a bus in Italy that actually took me 40 minutes out of the way of where I needed to be in order to meet up with my friends at a certain time. Or if it meant that we missed our connecting train for our day trip to Interlaken delaying us by 2 hours + our phone died but ended up having the most beautiful train detour. Even getting lost by myself in Germany missing a rendezvous with a friend only to learn how far my limits can be pushed.

Oh yeah, or meeting a group of ladies from the US that meet up annually in Venice, Italy for it's Carnevale celebration decked out in Carnevale masks and dress attire. Haha, or having a train delayed for so long that you miss your "check in" to your hostel and you have to walk around with a friend named Vinny from Brazil for 3 hours until Midnight to see if any other hostel reservations were cancelled so you'll have somewhere to sleep that night!

On the other side of comfort is where you get to meet the most amazing people and have experiences in your lifetime that are absolutely priceless.

Persevere today.

Take a break if you need but keep pushing! Your goals are worth it, YOU are worth every single ounce of energy you pour into your dreams. You can do it!



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