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I set out for day two of getting back to running. Something I thought I despised but over the past couple months I realized that it was a form of meditation, connection, and peace for me.

So day 2, knees aching + muscles screaming at me, “What did you do to me?!” My body heavy with the previous day’s run of 2 miles straight.

Of which I haven’t done in… I’d say almost an entire year so you can imagine the emotions of my body. Not.happy.

BUT growth is happening! I’ve come up with a new morning routine for the 1st hour of every day. It’s supposed to include exercise just for 20 minutes in that hour. 20 minutes - that’s a dream right? Well for me even trying to muster that has been a challenge.

Why?! I mean seriously, to lift / run / do a home workout program / yoga - anything for 20 minutes and I can’t seem to “fit it in” my morning schedule?! What the monkey?!

This is why: I have to shower. I have to get my lunch ready. I need to put on makeup and get ready for work. I need to eat breakfast. I need to sleep just a little longer… and the list goes on.

Those are 100% hands down no contest, excuses.

Seems simple, right? Seems like an “easy” fix? I mean just quit making excuses, right? Not so much when you feel paralyzed by anxiety, time scarcity or overwhelm.

So why is it that we live our lives wanting change so badly but are holding ourselves back from getting it?

You heard me right, WE are holding OURSELVES back. Not anyone else in your life. Not your Mom, not your kids, not your family, and not your spouse. Not your job, not what you “don’t have” and not what you do.

You, my friend. With all the love in my heart I have to tell you, it’s you!

And I tell you this because I’ve made all of those excuses. I’ve blamed so many things in my life, situations and so many people. Not because they did anything but because I, myself, only me, was using them as an excuse.

When I came to this realization I was both disappointed in myself and liberated at the same time.

I was disappointed that I used them as an excuse because that meant when I looked at them that’s what I saw - a hinderance, an anchor weighing me down. I was disappointed that I LET those excuses drive my actions and try and take over my focus.

I was disappointed and liberated because it’s ME! It’s all up to me! That means I have the power to change it! That means I have the power to make it different!

For some reason over the course of my nursing school experience and what transpired after, I lost that reality. I lost the fire that came with the reality of knowing that I, and I alone, truly have the power over my life.

This life is ours and we can TRULY do anything we want! And it’s all up to us!

You can gather all the “tools” in the world to be more successful, gain financial control, have blossoming relationships and live the healthy life you’ve always wanted but those tools are nothing without action.

And that action starts with you, it’s YOURS to take.

Through the muscle aches and pains, I ran anyway and found myself empowered. I found a peaceful heart, one that knows with each day I say “yes” I’ll get better.

That growth is happening and it’s painful but MAN, I SAID YES TODAY!

That this hasn’t been the first time and it won’t be the last that I’ll have to fight for the adventurous peaceful freedom my heart seeks and that I’m reminded it’s all within my reach and my control.

Cheers to growing pains and “running” anyway!


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