Adventure Time With The Bowman's

Posted on December 23, 2015 by Dana Bowman | 0 comments


Anyone else get that Lion King reference, or is it just me that thinks of Rafiki every time I hear that?!

Tonight is the night Javi and I drink some coffee flavored chocolate milk (well, that’ll just be me), turn on the Christmas tree lights and some Christmas tunes to dream about what we want our next year to look like!

We’ve been married for 4 years and some change and 2015 was the first year we INTENTIONALLY set goals as individuals and as a family. I’m so excited to have this process as part of our lives!

HOWEVER, it still wouldn’t happen if we didn’t block out some time to make it happen!


Your dreams don’t happen unless you follow them with intention… and a plan! Maybe that’s what I’m geeking out about too… the PLANNING part! #plannernerdfolyfe

You still have some time to squeeze in a few minutes and WRITE DOWN, even if it’s just a brainstorm session that you’ll narrow later, what you want to focus on accomplishing as the new year begins.

You have them. Those dreams floating around in your head. They’re real, they’re yours and you need to get them out. So get them out now!

I would SO MUCH love to hear about the adventures you’re planning!

Tag or send me an email! And you can stay tuned for how our Adventure Time turns out… I’ll keep you posted!


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