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As important as it is to set new goals, it’s equally important to reflect on all that you’ve accomplished!

Look, you did some cool stuff this year! Even if you have only a couple things that you think isn’t worthy of noting, they are. Have you thought back over the last year and what you’ve accomplished?

If you haven’t, stop right now and go do that!

The new year is coming fast, be proactive about remembering and recognizing all the cool stuff you did in 2015!

More to come about Javi and I’s Adventure Time (which I just learned is or was the name of a cartoon show) but I’ll start with where we started.


We typed out a “2015 Bowman Family Adventure” list and grabbed that as we started the night of dreaming big! We reflected on what we accomplished, what we didn’t and what we want to continue or chuck for the next year.

This is such a valuable process when creating and accomplishing goals. There were some things I totally forgot about accomplishing!

List of accomplishments from our 2015 year – some personal, some family
  • Surrendering: To let go of the stress of not passing my boards, all the questions, potential judgements and anxieties.
  • I passed my Nursing Boards!
  • Created a healthier and more focused lifestyle – that’s still in the works – but I set myself up for a greater chance of success!
  • Emotional / Psychological Recovery
  • Sewed my first pair of yoga pants! They were a tropical pattern 
  • Started/Registered funCTIONAL, LLC !!!!!!
  • Traveled to Nashville twice: visit bestie and workout with crazy fitness people!
  • Road Tripped to Colorado twice: visiting our amazing friends
  • Climbed Mt. Elbert – the tallest Mountain in Colorado
  • Revamped craft room
  • Made mistakes Aka fostered many learning experiments
  • Made my Mom’s 50th birthday Extra Special
  • Got CIZE certified! When in doubt, dance it out!
  • Enjoyed our deck – finally!
  • Filled in our pool – more deck enjoyment to come this Spring!
  • Gained new forever (<3) friends
  • Created and published my first planner in a matter of 3 months; in larger distribution 3 months after that!
  • Became an active part of my own marriage
  • And so many more!

When you make time for this, you may realize more accomplishments you had this year than you realized.

Notice that some of the achievements in my list may not necessarily been a specific “goal” but had to do with mindset and heart changes which are EQUALLY important achievements.

As you wrap up your 2015, don’t forget to wrap it with all the accomplishes you’ve made!

Here’s a few places to start:
  • Did you accomplish a health goal you set?
  • Did you end up doing something outside of your comfort zone?
  • Did you gain more confidence and how?
  • Are 1 or some of your relationships better because you changed?
  • Did you let go of some anger or resentment?

            Think on those things and I would love to hear what some of your accomplishments have been for your 2015 year, comment below and share!

            From my heart to yours, Merry Christmas Eve! 



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