Peace In Purging

Posted on December 27, 2015 by Dana Bowman | 0 comments

No, I’m not talking about bowel movements today!

However, I did get this amazing poop emoji pillow for Christmas that I’ve been wanting for so long! For obvious reasons, but as the Christmas gift giving is winding down, it’s also important to remember this time as a chance for you to weed out not only your environment but your life as your new year starts.

What clutter has been sticking around your house and your heart?

Here’s a few ways to get started answering that question:

  • Pick one room in your house (at a time especially)
  • Decide what category each items qualifies and separate
    • Definitely Keep
    • Not sure yet
    • Haven’t used, don’t use, can live without – definitely giveaway
  • Go back to the “Not sure yet” pile and make yourself put it into one of the others.
    • Note** If you feel like you are talking yourself INTO keep something or making excuses to keep it, you need to get rid of it.
  • A couple questions to ask yourself to decide:
    • Does it serve a purpose?
    • Does it enrich my life?
    • Does it help me achieve my goals / the life I’m after for 2016?


  • Am I living my life by default and/or am I happy doing so?
  • If not, what DO I want or what way would I feel like I was living a life of happiness and fulfillment?
  • Are the relationships in my life helping me be a better person or worse?
    • For obvious reasons as hard as it may be, the “Worse” ones, you need to have exit your life.
    • It might be a season or it might be for years but you need to do it.
      • I never said it would be easy but I am telling you it will be worth it.

There are many more questions to ask that would help you identify what clutter you’re keeping but start here!

I would love to see the rooms you’re decluttering or the ways you’re beginning to organize your amazing year for 2016! Post pics and/or comments below!



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