Your Time Your Call

Posted on December 28, 2015 by Dana Bowman | 0 comments

You get to be 1 of 2 people this year!

  1. The person that embraces the learning journey of setting goals and puts forth the effort and determination to accomplishing them OR
  2. The person that won’t

Plain and simple. Black and white. You either will or you won’t.


Because YOU and YOU alone dictate how your time is spent.

No more excuses. No more, “If I could only…,” or “I don’t have enough time…,” or even, “But my Mom won’t let me…”

Your Time Is Your Call

I don’t care if you have to get up at 5:30am every morning for the next 4 days to have 30 extra minutes in your morning to lay down your dreams, do it.

I don’t care if you have to spend your lunch hr figuring out what the heck you want for your 2016, do it.

I don’t even care if you have to miss your favorite TV show(s) that you usually watch every night with dinner. Turn the TV off and do it anyway!

Take responsibility for how you spend your time.

What that means is that you replace, “I just don’t have time” with “I’m not making that a priority” because that’s actually what you’re doing. In some cases it’s a great change and in some cases it’s a gut check.

Time is ticking and your dreams are waiting.

If you’re already coming up with excuses, you’ll have to come back another time. But if you’re ready for an incredible 2016, let’s get to work!

Start asking yourself these questions:
  • What does my morning look like?
  • If I could carve out just ONE hour a day to focus on my specific goals, when would that be?
    • In the morning before everyone wakes up? Or at night right before bed?
  • Do I need to get up earlier, work on them through lunch or take an hour before bedtime?

Get to know yourself a little more to figure out what will work best for your personality and your lifestyle.

I’ll post my list of goals tomorrow! Stay tuned and in the mean time let me know THE DATE AND TIME you’ll be laying down your goals!



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