Vulnerability Paralysis

Posted on December 29, 2015 by Dana Bowman | 0 comments

Hands up if anyone else has a hard time being vulnerable! Of course you do, me too, everyone does, we’re not alone.

The difference is whether you turn that vulnerability into a strength or let it dictate your life by keeping you in a dark hole hidden from cool stuff. Have you ever noticed that you get paralyzed by vulnerability?

Is there a conversation you haven’t had? A step you haven’t taken? Something awesome that you didn’t experience because the paralysis of being vulnerable got the best of you?


There’s strength AND relief in vulnerability!

I know this first hand, I used to be TERRIBLE at being vulnerable (still working on it). Which may seem weird because of my personality and how much I love connecting with other people. It took awhile but I’m much better at it now and live a more free life because I don’t let being vulnerable get the best of me.

Not to mention I can’t hide my feelings to save my life. Ok, maybe I could to ACTUALLY save my life but ask anyone that knows me. My face and my body won’t let me hid anything.


Not sure if you get Vulnerability Paralysis? Ask yourself these questions:
  • Have I harbored telling someone how I feel because it makes me feel vulnerable?
  • Have I skipped out on a learning opportunity because I was afraid everyone might think I wasn’t smart enough?
  • Do I see vulnerability as a weakness? If so, why?
  • Have you resisted connecting with someone on a deeper level because you “don’t want someone to know”?
  • Do you feel that judgement is an attachment to being vulnerable?
  • Have you kept yourself from saying your goals for 2016 out loud, from writing them down, or telling someone what they are?

              If you said yes to any of these questions or all of them then you’re letting vulnerability dictate your life story. Don’t you think it’s time to take control over your own life? To have the confidence to achieve whatever you want and know you’ll be better because of it?

              In my experience, the more you’re vulnerable the MORE STRENGTH you’ll acquire.

              You know why?

              Because there’s power in being vulnerable and then your vulnerabilities don’t have a hold of you! You can live your life head on going after the MOON!


              You never know who is struggling or dreaming the same things you are and when you get that out there you’ll be amazed at how many people you’ll find have or want the same things.


              By doing that, by being vulnerable, you may just give someone else the confidence, strength, or encouragement to do the same thing. The possibilities of an incredible life are endless when you become confident in your vulnerabilities!


              Pick ONE WAY to be vulnerable today!
              • Tell a loved one that they hurt your feelings – even if they don’t respond well. You will have done your part.
              • Ask a stranger how their day is and intentionally listen and respond to what they have to say – even if it takes 1-2 minutes.
              • If someone asks you if you know something but you don’t, don’t get embarrassed, tell them that you don’t but that you would love to learn more!


                    Everyone is different and everyone’s vulnerabilities are different. Figure out a way you can be vulnerable today and do it! Then let me know! I would love to hear about it!



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