Because... Why Not?

Posted on January 03, 2016 by Dana Bowman | 0 comments

When I first heard about this book and first started adventuring after a lifestyle I never knew was possible – one that would fit my heart just perfectly – I heard about this book and still said, ‘No way!’ A 4-hour work week? I bet that’s a metaphor for something Tim Ferriss talks about in his book.

He can’t ACTUALLY mean he only works 4 hours a week.

I’m just starting and I can see in fact he IS talking about a literal 4-hour work week.

And this time, I believe it’s possible! Because… WHY NOT?!

Have you realized that your mindset has so much power? That your perspective about what happens in your life – good or bad – plays an enormous role?

Think back to some things in your life you wish you would have accomplished or you thought you would have “by now” but just haven’t (yet). Do you know why you haven’t?

Is it the lack of belief in yourself that YOU CAN do it? Or is it the narrowed / brainwashed mindset that you have to live in a life of a 9-5? Or is it that you actually don’t think it’s possible?


You can change a lot in your life if you change your mindset. Legit!

How many times do you instantly think about the negative things that happen in your life and just run with it? Misery loves company, are you surrounding yourself with people that do the same thing?

If you THINK your day is going to suck. It will. If you wake up in the morning and have a “kitchen towel moment” when you drop your pen and then your paper and think the whole day is ruined – It will be.

Why not try and realize when you do that and think about one positive thing in your life to redirect your mindset?

Why not try and go for that big dream you never thought was possible?

Why not take 20 minutes and sit down with a pen and paper and finally decide what the heck you want with your life?

Why not try and figure out what has got your heart so deep in a dark hole that you feel like you can’t get out?

Why not jump for the moon and figure out how to fly on the way down?!

Why not take a leap and go for that big job interview or travel across the world like you’ve wanted to do for years? 

The first step is becoming aware of who you are in this moment and who you really want to be.

Next step, do something about it. How do you make it happen? How will YOU make it happen?

Because for 2016… Why Not?!



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