Common Cause of Failure

Posted on February 10, 2016 by Dana Bowman | 0 comments

Do you believe that one of the most common causes of failure is giving up when defeat shows its face? What's your relationship with failure? Do you give up when feel even the slightest resistance or do you persist? Do you let failure define who you are a person and make the decisions in your life?

What caught me about this phrase was the, "HABIT of quitting" part.

My first thought was that no one would want to make a habit out of quitting, who would do that? 

It's not that anyone WANTS to do it, it's just a pattern that's practiced whether subconsciously or consciously - fear, anxiety, or stress.

I posed before, "What's easier than kicking a habit? Starting one."

That goes hand in hand with this. If you've happen to be caught in the habit of failure, start practicing a habit of success.

  1. Recognize if you give up to easily when faced with defeat
  2. Practice not giving up after the temporary defeat - even if it starts with one time
  3. Learn what you can from the temporary defeat
  4. Try again!

The adventure is in the pursuit!

What temporary defeat have you experienced and what have you or will you overtake to move yourself forward?!



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