Hey you, your dreams are calling!

It's here! Finally, an all-in-one planner to help you achieve those dreams of yours in 3-Month Increments!

So much can change in a day, let alone a week. Mapping out your goals and dreams in 3-Month Increments lets you revise as your year continues and helps keep those goals in the forefront of your mind.

There are many key elements you need in order to be successful with whatever your heart desires! This funCTIONAL Planner provides the structure needed to do so along with enough design touch to color-up your day without being overwhelming.

No more black and white boring planners!

Your adventure begins with clarifying your VISION and defining your WHYs. You will then go through a GOAL planning process that helps you figure out, to the finest detail, everything you need to accomplish those goals that get you to your vision.

You'll figure out if there are any HABITS you need to adopt during your journey and get organized to move closer to your goals each day with your PLANNER section all while keeping your HEALTH first.

It's not just a planner to write down what you have to do each day, it's a PROACTIVE planner that helps guide you to focus on the most important things so your making steps each day toward living the life you've imagined!


We are a for-purpose company on helping you live to your potential while you help others do the same with each purchase you make!

You are now a part of the funCTIONAL family and we have a goal to raise $25,000 to help build a school with an organization called, Pencils Of Promise. I am so excited to have found this organization and respect it's process against just building a school then leaving the city. They make sure each school has a success rate to thrive with committed community involvement and ongoing support.

For every funCTIONAL Planner purchase, 5% of the proceeds will go towards our PoP fund to raise $25,000 to build a school that allows children access to quality education. Feel free to click the link above for more information!