I've always been on a search to feel like I'm a part of something bigger than myself. I didn't feel like I was accomplishing that in my Graphic Design career so I went back to school to become a Registered Nurse.

After not passing my boards for almost a year post graduation, this funCTIONAL Success Planner was developed in the wake. I wasn't sure when I was going to pass so I got to work making new goals and working towards them instead of waiting and I found myself creating something that married my love for design and health & wellness.

With this new adventure I wanted it to be more than just a business.

I want it to be a for-purpose company focused on individual, community, and global impact. Pencils of Promise is our first step in being a part of making a difference globally!

Pencils of Promise is an organization started by Adam Braun as he was in his search to find fulfillment in his life, a deeper meaning. Founded with just $25 in hand, he has an incredible story and one I found my heart connecting to so very deeply!


What impressed me the most was the structure of the organization.

They only begin the build of a school when they have the commitment of the community that they will dedicate their time and help provide resources to not only build the school but sustain it once it's complete. Pencils of Promise does a very in-depth assessment of each potential site and works to provide supplemental programing to support the communities ongoing. 

Giving back is the only kind of funCTIONAL I want to create!

We're building a school people! I know we can do it! It's $25,000 to build 1 school and I want to say we did it together, as a funCTIONAL family!

I am so excited the good that will come from building this platform to give back, we're giving a % of each product sale towards building this school!


Outside the planner purchases

If you don't feel like this funCTIONAL planner is for you but still want to be a part of our funPoP Adventure, you can make a donation here: 

The details will come in the process!

As we continue to raise this money, contributing to building a safe place where children can learn and be educated and offered the opportunity to live to their potential, updates will be available!


In the meantime, you can do a couple things!
  1. Practice gratefulness for where you are in this space, wherever you happen to find yourself right now.
  2. Love on those in your life! You wouldn't be who you are without them.
  3. Take advantage of the OPPORTUNITY you have to live to YOUR potential.
  4. Don't take your life for granted.

Life is too short to be filled with stress, frustration, and disappointment when we have so many things we can be grateful for each day!

Be grateful today!


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