1 Year funCTIONAL Planner


Finally, a FULL year! I know! You asked and we answered. Same fun colors but we stepped back a bit for the layout of this one. Inspired by Danielle Laporte's suggestion to redefine goal-setting by focusing on our feelings and living them out, this version really gives you that freedom to decide what you really want for your life, how you most want to feel and what you can do each day to feel the way you want to feel while keeping your health a priority.

We all want to feel a certain way about and in our lives. So why not start making your with that in mind. Duh, right?! Join me on an adventure of living life a little differently by switching from "traditional" goal-setting to a mindset and a goals list that is more soul-centered.

Click here to see an online sneak peak flip-through --> http://tinyurl.com/j7ep297

All the dividers are blank colors so you can add your own quotes and flare throughout the year! The 7th month divider is the only month divider that is another beautiful image and that's to mark the MIDDLE of your year :)


Full Color
Overall Dimensions:  
6” wide x 8” tall
Page Dimensions:  5.88” wide x 8” tall
Durable Silver Wire Binding
#80 Coated white Inside pages
Durable Front & Back Covers

  • 12-Month Undated Planner:
    • Because your dreams don't just start in January!
    • New Inspirational Quotes throughout the whole planner
    • Inside Back Cover 2-Sided Pocket - New Color!
    • Instructions guiding you throughout the planner

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